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Job Search Strategy

Job Search Strategy


Résumé Creation and Branding

Résumé Creation and Branding


Job Interview

Job Interview


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What's in it for me

Hiring process secrets

What are hiring managers and recruiters not telling you? That's what we will uncover so that in your next job application, you know exactly what they are looking for.

Your professional brand

Follow a practical guide to upgrade your profile in a way that speaks to your market's needs and helps you stand out from your competition.

A foolproof job search strategy

A proven process that cuts in line ahead of the competition and gets your application on top of the hiring list.

Your first 90-day plan

You got the job. Now you have to keep it. Understand the Dos and Don'ts to create a positive lasting impression that sets the stage for future promotions.

How to ace the job interview

To impress the hiring manager, you have to think like a hiring manager. Learn the skills and techniques needed to leave that room feeling like a winner.

A resume that gets you the interview

A step-by-step approach to creating a resume that passes the online filters and recruiter's approval and finally ends up on the hiring manager's table.

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John Ribeiro

Job Saver, Public Speaker, Mentor, Vlogger, Manager

John gives people what they need to ace a job interview. It's how he saved an entire department from losing their jobs. As a veteran hiring manager and professional public speaker, he prepares you with the skills and mindset to answer those tough questions that will lead you to a job offer.

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Connel Valentine

Job Finder, Writer, Coach, Blogger, Team Lead

Connel creates a job search strategy for you that gets you phone calls from recruiters. His relentless research and practical guidelines will keep you on your toes while you look for work. His goal is to spoil you with multiple job offers by helping you beat your competition with a stand-out résumé, effective networking strategies, and a brand that resonates with your market.